ZHEJIANG WENBAO VALVE CO.,LTD. is located in No. 40-42, Shabei Road,Shacheng Industrial Zone ,Longwan District,Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province.building area of 6000 square meters. It is a professional engaged in the valve, the food of pipe fittings research and manufacturing enterprises, and has advanced machining equipment and modern development of detection procedures,equipped with all kinds of CNC machine tools and other advanced machine tools, ...[See more]

                  ZHEJIANG WENBAO VALVE CO.,LTD.
                  ADD:NO.40-42,Shabei Road,Shacheng Industrial Zone,Longwan,Wenzhou,Zhejiang,China
                  Tel:86-577-86831909 86831678
                  Q Q:2853380296
                  Technical advice hotline:86-13738736608
                  Post code:325025
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